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Voom is the USA 's first satellite company to be based around providing HDTV services. On 17th July 2003 , Voom launched Rainbow-I and have been providing HDTV services since then. Although the majority of its channels are not HDTV, this is only the beginning, and over the next few years it is likely that this ratio will be reversed. The greatest problem with HDTV is that there are four steps in the chain, and if each one is not delivered in HD, then the result is not HDTV.

Today, the most common fault is at the beginning, where the filming itself is not done using HD cameras. Again, this is something that will change in the near future, and we should start to see more and more channels broadcasting in HDTV. You also need a television that supports HDTV as well as an HDTV receiver. Voom will provide everything up as far as the HD Receiver, but the last step is up to you.

Voom prides itself on having by far the largest number of HD channels, over 30 in total, of which 21 of those broadcast exclusively in High Density. This is a significant increase in comparison to both DIRECTV and Dish Network. In August 2003, both of these companies had 7 HDTV channels. Although this number is likely to rise in the near future, so will Voom's. If you see HDTV as the best option for you, and in the long term it may well be, Voom is an obvious choice. Currently there is a special price for new Voom customers of $499 for an HDTV receiver, although it is not clear how long this price will remain the same. There are two price plans. The basic plan is arpund $40 per month, and the comprehensive plan is around the $80 mark per month. Unlike other providers, there is no contract with Voom's services. Although it is unlikely that you will want to change your service within a year, this may well be worth bearing in mind for the following year. It is hard to say what will be on offer then, and the option of getting a different service quickly at this time could be beneficial to you.

Voom's own movie channel, Cinema10 shows 10 channels of wide screen HD movies 24 hours a day. It is in this area that HDTV really comes into its own, with DVD quality picture and Dolby Digital surround sound.

Currently, Voom do not have a DVR recorder available, nor does it offer internet access but it is likely that this will change in the long term. However, the HD receiver provided by Voom does contain a 'digital off-air antenna' allowing customers to pick up local stations broadcasting digitally. Other companies charge for this feature, whereas Voom provides it for free.

As with DIRECTV and Dish Network, Voom provides a professional installation service as part of the service. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this facility.


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