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As a satellite television customer in the USA you will probably receive your service from one of three companies, DirecTV (also contains Pegasus), Dish Network or Voom.

These companies are responsible for broadcasting hundreds of different channels to you, giving you a far greater choice than previously possible. Essentially their aim is to give you as much or more choice than the competition is able to, be it a cable or satellite company, and act as the middle man between you and independent television channels.

In terms of major channels, it will make little difference with whom you choose to sign up with, although you should seek local advice for the best service. For instance, if you live in a rural area, you will probably receive DirecTV programming through Pegasus. In this case, you should sign up through Pegasus and not DirecTV. If you are in an area where there seems to be no particular advantage between the services, you should work out exactly what you want to use your service for. For instance, will you also take advantage of satellite internet? If you live in an area without cable or that is not yet ADSL enabled, satellite internet represents your best chance of high-speed internet, and it will free up your telephone line. What kind of package are you interested in? Many customers are interested in satellite television in order to see more live sports events such as the NBA or Superbowl. As a result, most satellite providers only offer these events in the higher price plans.

As technology develops, so do the services provided by satellite providers. High Density Television (HDTV) is becoming more and more popular in the USA , and although it costs more to obtain this service, the results are very enjoyable. The encoding used for HDTV is also used on DVD's. Therefore it is most useful for movies as it allows the providers to broadcast in widescreen (16:9 ratio) and also use Dolby Digital surround sound. The resolution of HDTV pictures can be up to twice as powerful as conventional television signals. This means that there is about 10 times more picture detail on an HDTV screen than a standard NTSC screen. Also, by using a 16:9 television set, viewers are able to watch movies in widescreen without having to cut out large portions of the screen just to keep the proportions. Although HDTV receivers can be purchased independently, it is advisable to purchase through your satellite television provider.

Most satellite television providers allow you up to four satellite receivers per subscription. This means that you can have four separate televisions in four rooms viewing different channels at the same time. Although for most users one satellite receiver will perfectly suit their needs, the cheapest time to get a secondary receiver is when you sign up for your package.

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