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Pegasus Satellite TV is a subsidiary of Pegasus Communications Corporation and is USA's largest independent provider of DirecTV programming, responsible for delivering the service to the rural areas of America.

DirecTV itself deals with broadcasting to metropolitan areas and together the companies are able to provide a more reliable and efficient service. For the last two years, DirecTV has been voted No.1 amongst satellite and cable television providers by J.D Power and Associates.

With 85% of the USA being made up of rural areas, this is a large service to deliver. Satellite TV has a huge cost advantage over cable in rural areas and with 90 million people and around 3 million businesses located in these rural areas this represents an area of huge potential for satellite television providers. Pegasus Satellite Television has become the only major digital provider aimed solely at the rural areas, and has taken on the responsibility of making sure these areas keep up with the developments of digital broadcasting in metropolitan areas.

Essentially the programming is the same as DirecTV's own delivery, but the local services alter from state to state (Pegasus operates in 41 states nationwide). They have their own tariffs, so if you are likely to receive satellite TV through Pegasus, you should choose your tariffs from them and not DirecTV. There is a more limited choice of base packages - only two where the price difference is marginal, but a wide range of optional extras allows you to choose what you would like to watch without having to pay for too many channels that you don't want. It is likely that Pegasus will be running some kind of promotion, such as two months of free service, but these change frequently. Also like DirecTV, they offer packages designed specifically for businesses. For users who live outside of ADSL and cable range, their satellite internet service may also be a useful feature, allowing fast speeds whilst keeping the phone line free.

Pegasus does not offer installation of the equipment that you need to run the service i.e. the satellite dish and receiver. As their service covers such a vast area, they feel it would be impossible to provide this facility to the required standards, and so it's up to you to install everything. Installation is relatively straightforward: the dish needs to face south and need only be configured once (there is information about the installation process on the DirecTV website). However, Pegasus admits that they receive fewer requests for technical advice from users who have their systems professionally installed, and the cost of such installations is now relatively cheap. It is highly recommended as if you make a mistake yourself you might not be covered under the warranty. Although their service stretches across three time zones, Pegasus operates a 24 Hour customer service.

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