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Satellite Internet represents the best chance of high speed internet for customers outside of cable or ADSL areas in the United States . With speeds of up to 500KbS, the equivalent of the most popular broadband packages, users in rural areas in particular are able to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in computer technology.

There is no software with satellite internet, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The minimum operating system is so low that most systems will be easily equipped to use satellite internet. However, for information, the requirements are as follows:


Operating Sytem: Windows 98SE or later

Processor: Pentium II 333 MHz or faster

RAM: 64MB RAM (Win 98SE and Win ME only), 128MB RAM (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)

Hard Drive Space: 100MB


OS 9.0-10.2 (but not 10.0)

Processor: 300 MHz or more


Hard Drive Space: 150MB

The dish and modem will be installed professionally, and hours of internet use are unlimited, provided through an always on connection. It is also possible to network multiple computers through one internet connection. Perhaps this is the greatest advantage over traditional broadband, as many broadband companies look for a subscription per IP address. By using satellites to transmit data, satellite internet can be provided everywhere across the USA . However, although the speeds are much higher, the distance between the satellite and your satellite dish means there is a tiny delay, or latency, between transmissions. Therefore if you use the internet for something that relies on an accurate transmission, such as online gaming, or split second online trading for example, then satellite internet may not be for you.

Often you might find that you can save money by ordering both satellite TV and satellite internet at the same time. Some companies operate all-in-one packages of satellite television, internet and telephone at a discounted rate. It should be pointed out that not every company offers satellite internet just because they provide satellite television. Dish Network, for example, offer ADSL internet, and when purchased with a satellite television package a substantial saving can be made. DIRECTV however do offer satellite internet, through a service called DIRECWAY®

Satellite internet can be relatively expensive, but if it is your only way of receiving such services, it may be essential for your business, particularly if you work from home. Currently there are two price plans available on DIRECWAY®. The overall price is the same; it just depends on how much you are willing to pay up front. Installation is professional and it is advisable to accept this professional installation as it could affect your warranty if anything were to go wrong under a self-installation. It should also be noted that satellite internet is only for fixed installation sites, unless purchased through a mobile satellite internet service such as Tracvision, in which case satellite internet can be accessed from boats or RV's.

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