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Satellite tv dish
A satellite TV dish picks up the signals from the satellites that broadcast satellite television. Upon installation, your dish will need to be 'aimed' at a satellite for it to receive a signal and in the USA this means the dish needs to be directed to the south.

Essentially a satellite dish is simply a surface that reflects a vague signal to a specific point in a similar manner to the way the human eye operates. A receiver, known as a 'feed horn' is placed at the point where the signals come together, and it is this pure signal that eventually becomes the picture.

Today's satellite dishes are somewhat more subtle than those that were available with the introduction of satellite television. Dishes are usually provided as part of the package that you sign up to, although there may be a choice of more than one type. Your choice will be determined by deciding which services you will take advantage of, so it is worth trying to think ahead and predict what you might need within the next twelve months from your service. For instance, DirecTV offer two dishes, of which only one offers DIRECTV PARA TODOST programming or High Definition programming.

Most satellite providers in the United States provide installation as part of the package, however if you live in a rural part of the country, you might have to hire a professional installer from your area or install the system yourself. Although installing the equipment yourself is relatively straightforward (help, tips and diagrams are available on the websites of all US satellite TV providers), it is recommended that you hire a professional. They are not so expensive these days and might mean that you won't have a problem later on. It is worth bearing in mind that the warranty on the system may not be valid if you do not opt for a professional installation. This alone could be worth paying for if installation is not already provided for free.

Residents of apartment buildings should seek advice from their Home Owners Association with regard to installing a dish on their particular block. Further advice, should you need it, is available from the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association ( or from the Federal Communications Commission ( It is possible to install a satellite dish inside your home, but you will need to make sure that there is a direct line of sight to the south through a window in order to pick up a signal. Although it is not ideal to have a dish in your living room, it is a possible way to get around HOA difficulties, but you should be aware that many types of glass will degrade the satellite signal.

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