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DIRECTV - satellite tv provider
DIRECTV is one of the USA’s most popular satellite television providers, supplying users with up to 225 channels through a choice of many packages which can be tailored to individual needs. Below you will find a whole host of information pertaining to DIRECTV.

Prices for the "base packages" range anything from 30 to a 100 dollars per month. In addition there are various options for customizing the service you receive which would enable you to view, say, a live NFL match or see a Saturday night movie premiere. Packages are also available for a wide range of businesses, and are in use at many public places across the USA ranging from airports and stores to hospitals. Again these packages can be tailored to a company's specific needs and can often help to make sure customers return to your business.

The range of channels supplied by DIRECTV is massive, as is to be expected of such a popular provider. All the main US channels are available on top of a wide variety of specific interest channels. Major sporting events from around the globe can be seen live, including live weekly matches from the English Premier League as well as all domestic competition such as the NFL, NBA and NBC. Viewers are also able to watch local television stations in digital from most major cities and surrounding areas and watch the latest music videos and movies and listen to the radio. Pay-per-View TV is becoming more widely available and there are usually around 55 PPV choices per day, from which viewers can see live sporting events or watch a movie at a starting time that suits them. DIRECTV also offer 45 channels in Spanish under their The DIRECTV PARA TODOST service through which users are able to watch movies, sports, music and view educational programs.

For your information, DIRECTV's services go far beyond just a wide range of channels. For an extra small amount per month, users can take advantage of their pioneering High-Density TV service (HDTV) which provides crystal-clear resolution and sound through equipment supplied through DIRECTV. N.B in order for this to work, you will need a High-Definition television. Another very useful service that is offered is their digital recording service, DIRECTV® DVR which allows up to 35 hours of digital recording without videotape and you can even record two shows at once. This is available for a one off payment of or around a $100 which includes professional installation. As is common with many satellite providers today, Direct TV also provides high-speed internet access through the television set, allowing the phone line to be freed.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day and users can also take out a DIRECTV Protection Plan for which there are two price plans depending on which services you have signed up for. DIRECTV PARA TODOST users can also talk to a customer services representative in English or Spanish.

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