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The Travelpro Collections

Travelpro Collections

Travelpro luggage is responsible for one of the biggest innovations in the luggage industry today – rolling luggage.

Twenty five years working in the airline industry taught Bob Plath, the founder of Travelpro, a few things about luggage – and its downfalls. He rectified this by coming up with a pioneering creation, the Travelpro Original Rollaboard. Since this invention, rolling luggage has become an essential for travelers and airline staff alike, with more than 400,000 flight crew members worldwide utilizing Travelpro luggage daily in their work.

Nowadays, the company has a wide range of different luggage solutions available, with eight different ranges available under the Travelpro ( banner today. These include the Platinum 3, Crew 5, FlightPro3, WalkAbout Lite, TPro, Vibe, Wall Street and Influence Collection.

Tested by travel professionals

The company works closely with travel professionals when developing their products, and tries to come up with answers to all their needs when designing new pieces and collections. Softside luggage features all the way through the company’s designs with Travelpro hardside luggage not actually existing. This process has proved a winner, with Travelpro being one of the most popular and reliable luggage brands in the moderate-high price range of luggage. If you are looking for all the little bits that make the functioning of your luggage all that much better, it will no doubt appear in any of the Travelpro lines.

Platinum 3
The deluxe model in the Travelpro range, the Platinum 3 is designed with all the features the hardcore traveler could ever dream of – a hanging wetpack, travel wallet, and one-hand operating. Issued with a lifetime guarantee, this collection is also approved by the largest state chiropractic association in the world.

Crew 5
The Crew 5 replaces its predecessor the Travelpro Crew 4 luggage line and is designed specifically for airline staff and professional travelers alike. Made for a hard work-out, this collection was designed using technology from Teflon to make the product’s material stronger. New quiet ‘whisper’ wheels also feature on this collection.

FlightPro 3
Another strong and sturdy product, the FlightPro 3 collection features similar design features of the Crew 5. While trimmed in leather, the bronze color option of this set is somewhat 'hit and miss' – it seems it may only appeal to a select few.

For people looking to spend their hard-earned cash on their vacation rather than the luggage that will accompany them, there are the WalkAbout Lite and Vibe collections. These are the budget options from Travelpro that will suit the occasional traveler. For people that are looking for a set that is a little more casual and fun, the TPro collection is perfect. Featuring duffel bags and backpacks, it is great for adventure travel.

Wall Street is a set of bags that are designed for daily professional use by business people. With briefcases and computer bags all featuring in this collection, it is the answer to all day-to-day office luggage needs. Those who like something just a wee bit different will appreciate the Influence collection. Made in micro suede, this line is catered towards women to meet all their travel needs.

While Travelpro don’t actually sell their products directly to consumers, they do have a range of authorized online dealers who do. In order to get your hands on a set of discount Travelpro luggage, it is best to shop around through these dealers, who hold regular sales and specials on this type of luggage.








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