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After a long flight, there is nothing more frustrating than playing the ‘spot my luggage’ game at the baggage claim carousel, which is why luggage tags are so important. They are also vital if you are to be reunited with your luggage should it be lost on any part of your journey.

As the sea of black bags comes rolling around the conveyor belt, one of the best things you can have attached to your bag to help you identify your luggage from everyone else’s is a personalized luggage tag. These come in an endless number of shapes, forms and designs from leather tags with your name printed on them through to plastic tags with your favorite photos on them.

Leather Luggage Tag - These are great if you want a tag that complements your leather set. They are generally sturdy, and many come with extra details such as brass buckles to complete the fine look of the product. A nice finishing touch on a leather tag is having your details printed in gold on it.

Plastic Luggage Tag - This is the simple and cost-effective option for labeling your bag if you are putting a basic tag on your bag. But the designs and styles in which plastic luggage tags can be presented in are endless – think flags, company logos, animal pictures...

Custom Luggage Tags - Let your imagination run wild and get a set of custom tags made. By designing your own tags, you can liven up your boring luggage. Custom tags are also ideal for businesses who wish to promote themselves or their products.

Metal Luggage Tag - People who are looking for something a little different will appreciate metal tags for identifying their bags. Distinctive with a sleek professional appearance, these tags are hard wearing and can stand up to the hard time that luggage often has to go through at airports.

Engraved Luggage Tag - The best way to make sure that your name never rubs off your luggage tag is to get it engraved. Engraved luggage tags look more professional, and are easy to read by anyone that may have found your lost luggage.
















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