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Paragon Baggage

At Pathfinder Luggage, their motto is ‘quality is everything’, which they stand by when building good quality mid-range luggage. Pathfinder’s products are more suited to the occasional traveler – someone who needs luggage for a couple of vacations a year – rather than professional business travelers.

Being moderately priced, it’s a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ with these collections of luggage. Think of it as the Mazda of luggage – reliable and trustworthy, but at a decent price. In paying an average price, you receive average (yet reliable) luggage, which suits the needs of many travelers – no super bells and whistles, but it does the job in getting your belongs from A to B and back again. In saying that, most pieces include all the features you would expect from modern luggage, such as wheels, expandability and removable suiters. One of the highlights of this range of luggage is that Pathfinder ( has used screws rather than rivets when constructing these pieces, making them sturdier.

Pathfinder luggage collections to cater to all tastes

There are eight different collections under the Paragon Pathfinder luggage banner, offering a diverse range of products to cater to the differing tastes and requirements of travelers. These collections include the Pinnacle, Avenger, Eclipse, Presidential II, Revolution Plus, RT, Matrix and TX2, with the TX2 being the premier set.

The Pinnacle is a casual sports-based line of bags, which would make great work gear bags. The Avenger and Eclipse collections are very similar and would be suited to general vacation travel. The Pathfinder Presidential II luggage line is the mid-range set designed for either recreational or business travel, whereas the Revolution Plus range is similar, yet more aesthetically pleasing. The RT (Recreation Travel) range has been one of the most popular sets by this company, with a rather bright and casual feel about it. The Matrix is a ‘little brother’ version of the TX2, with fewer features than its business orientated counterpart.















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