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Pathfinder Baggage

Paragon Luggage is the manufacturing and marketing company behind the Pathfinder brand. Producing decent, quality luggage at a valuable price, the company stands by their motto ‘quality is everything’. Their products are more geared toward people who travel occasionally for vacations, as opposed to regular business travelers.

As with buying low-moderately priced luggage, buyers will find that these products deliver the basic needs and functions of luggage – getting your belongings to and from your vacation point – without any major frills. The best way to think of it is as the Nissan of luggage – for the average amount of money you spend, you get a dependable and trusty product in return. All products feature the basic functional things that most travelers have come to expect from their luggage nowadays including wheels and extendable handles. A major highlight of Paragon Pathfinder luggage is the construction process, which has seen the company use screws instead of rivets to join the luggage together.

There are a number of different styles and types of luggage on the market that are produced by Pathfinder/Paragon (, including the TX2, Matrix, RT, Revolution Plus, Presidential II, Eclipse, Avenger and Pinnacle. The top-of-the-line set under the Paragon banner is the TX2.

Luggage lines by Paragon

The Pinnacle consists of sport and rolling duffel bags in a range of bright colors. These bags are sturdy and can be used as either gear bags, or for weekend travel bags.

With a relaxed and casual feeling about it, the Avenger collection is the ideal set for vacation travel. Made from 1682 denier ballistic nylon, the large packing cases expand 30% for extra packing room. Great for occasional travel.

The Eclipse is a more serious, big brother version of the Avenger. Both lines are very similar, with this one having maybe one or two extra features than its more budget counterpart.

RT – Recreation Travel
These bags have become very popular for work use (as gear bags) due to their casual appearance, and sturdiness. With lots of zips and pockets, there are plenty of organizational compartments in the RT collection.

The best in the Pathfinder range is the TX2 collection. Outfitted all in black, this set is aimed at professionals, with pieces such as computer bags and wardrobers featuring in the line.









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