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Top 5 Kayaking Trips

Everyone has a favourite kayak trip and choosing a top five for the whole of North American is like choosing the top five historical figures. But we’ve done it anyway. Here’s our pick of the top five kayak trips across North America.

Whitewater kayaking

Among many contenders for an adrenaline fired kayak trip – the Chattooga River in South Carolina and Georgia is one of our favorites. It’s a designated wild and scenic river and boasts some of the most challenging rapids on the East Coast. With a stretch of rugged, boulder-strewn cascades and extremely challenging class IV rapids the river has been successfully navigated by only a few top kayakers - and a source of serious injury for many others. Made famous by the film Deliverance the river drops 2,469 feet in 50 wild and rugged miles.

Sea kayaking

Kayaking around the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and up the coast to the massive inlets and fjords lined with rainforest is a truly humbling experience. The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife encounters unmatched. Seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises and orcas ply the waters, massive totem poles stand on the shores and pristine wilderness is all around you.

Family kayaking

The abundant choice of places to kayak and canoe in Maine makes it an excellent destination for family kayaking trips. Getting the family out in the wilderness together is a great way of learning about the environment, fishing and water safety. You can choose from white water or sea kayaking trips depending on your skill levels and combine kayaking with other adventure sports, hiking or wilderness camping.

Kayak touring

If you’re planning a long distance kayak trip, Hawaii makes a perfect choice, whether you’re experienced enough to tackle an inter-island run by night or just searching for a hidden cove to relax on. The islands of Hawaii all have remote and scenic stretches of coastline with plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping and hiking. The water is remarkably clear and can make kayaking a secondary consideration while you marvel at the bright colors of the depths of the water below you. To get away from the crowds of tourists try wild and enchanting Moloka’i, Maui’s north coast or sleepy Lana’i.

Adventure kayaking

For pure exhilaration of another kind return to the original home of the kayak and enjoy 24 hours of daylight on an Arctic sea kayaking adventure. In Canada’s Nunavut you can kayak with Inuit elders in traditionally-made kayaks – once used for hunting and fishing. Glide pass icebergs, get up close and personal with polar bears, narwhals and bowhead whales and enjoy the spectacular scenery and stunning silence.

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