Perception Kayaks - Swifty, Dancer

Touring, White Water and Recreational Models

Dancer and Swifty Models

South Carolina based Perception Kayaks are the world’s leading manufacturer of modern kayaks, with a steady track record since 1974 and a host of high profile clients and products under their belt.

Perception Kayaks manufacture a full range of kayaks, probably the most diverse and complete on the market, from sit on models for recreational users to high-tech whitewater craft.

Sit on kayaks

Perception produce a range of four sit on single kayaks and two tandem sit on kayaks. The Squirt is a small, fun kayak suitable for family fun; the Scooter is a good all rounder capable of touring or surfing with its stable but manoeuvrable hull; while the Five-o is good for beginners and more experienced surf kayakers. However, the most popular design is the Freedom, a stable, high performance kayak built for beach or surf use with plenty of storage space, and great manoeuvrability.

Perception kayak’s whitewater craft are some of the most popular in the world and range from versatile river running boats with high performance values to cutting edge competition kayaks with true slalom performance and high-tech white water racing kayaks.

With a range of sizes to suit everyone there is a kayak design for every paddling type from free riding to river running, freestyle and surfing. The new Blaze free ride kayak is a versatile craft made for river running, the Java is aimed at excellent creek preformace, the Sonics is good for river running with a highly manoeuvrable and quick hull and the Methods has stable high performance. The Dancers, however, are probably the best known kayaks in the world, and a good choice if you’re just getting into white water kayaking, with a stable hull, good tracking and a large cockpit.

Touring and recreational kayaks
The range of touring and recreational kayaks is also impressive with a choice of hulls with an emphasis on directional stability, speed and easy handling to cater for all paddling abilities up to expedition capability sea kayaking. Perception kayaks’ tandem touring kayaks are also very popular for their smooth, swift performance and comfort. Although the popular Swifty has now been discontinued, the sleek tandem Carolina has a long keel line to give directional stability and increased hull speed. The expedition version has extra storage space, thigh braces and chart elastics for longer journeys.

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