Ocean Kayaks Review

The Frenzy, Ambush, Drifter and Prowler

Frenzy and Drifter

Ocean Kayaks produce a range of fun sit on kayaks aimed at getting even the most reluctant of land-lubbers out onto the water. Their no-nonsense designs, affordable prices and get-with-it attitude make them the perfect solution for beginners and recreational paddlers.

Ocean kayaks have been encouraging children, grandparents, fishing enthusiasts and reluctant paddlers to get out on the water in their kayaks since they opened up shop in 1971. Sit-on kayaks are great for larger paddlers as they give more leg room and are ideal for beginners as they have an open deck. The open deck lets many people get over their fear of being confined as there’s no risk of being trapped in the kayak or having to attempt a wet exit or a roll.

Top Ocean Kayaks models

Some of Ocean Kayaks’ most popular models include the Frenzy, the Ambush, the Drifter, and the Prowler.

The Frenzy
The compact Frenzy is a fun design aimed at being a good all rounder and capable of handling flat water, tight rivers, and moderate surf. Its short length and built-in keel make it easy to manoeuvre and its 31” width means it’s very stable. The Frenzy is Ocean Kayaks most popular single kayak and a great first or family kayak.

The Drifter
The Drifter is a wide, stable kayak made for larger kayakers and great for transporting plenty of gear with its large bow hatch and an oversized tank well. The Drifter also has a raised cockpit to help keep the seat well dry and plenty of small storage space for a tackle box or lures. This kayak also comes in an angler edition with more specialized modifications.

The Prowler
The Prowler is the longest and widest kayak available from Ocean Kayaks and is suitable for large kayakers planning to paddle flat water, slow moving rivers or moderate sea swells. The Prowler’s length means strong paddlers can cover long distances quickly while its width helps keep it stable even with a large catch on board. The angler edition has two flush mounted rod holders, plenty of storage room and space for your tackle box.

The Ambush
One of the most versatile kayaks ever made for anglers the Ambush has now, unfortunately, been discontinued. So you’ll have to look for used models if you want to pick up this classic design. With removable seats you can paddle it solo or tandem, in either direction or even attach an outboard.

Sit-on kayaks are generally less expensive than traditional open decked kayaks. Expect to pay between $300 and $800 for an Ocean Kayak. For more information see OceanKayak.com.





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