Necky Kayaks - Recreational and White Water

Manitou, Sky and Santa Cruze

Necky Manitou

Necky Kayaks are some of the most creative and technically sound kayak designs around. Pioneers of rotomolding sea kayaks and at the forefront of flat-planning hull design, Necky are proud of their excellent design and performance history and constantly strive to improve kayakers’ experiences by recasting the mould for new designs.

They manufacture a full range of paddle craft from family fun rec boats to top notch whitewater kayaks with Necky’s unique ‘dolphin’ bow. The dolphin bow makes their kayaks great for rough conditions or surf: as the bow passes through the waves the forward movement creates an upward thrust to keep the deck above water meaning the paddler stays as dry as possible, on course and up to speed.


All Necky kayaks have the unique dolphin bow as well as flat planning hulls. The range of six designs includes playboats with pronounced rails and lower tail rocker as well as river runners and creek boats aimed at maximizing your fun on the water.


Necky produces a range of ten polytouring kayaks made from highly durable, and affordable, superlinear polyethelene, as well as a range of 12 deceptively simple composite kayaks made from a fibreglass and carbon mix. With their sleek lines and elegant shapes Necky tourers are top of the range for long distance kayaking.


Necky makes a range of five recreational kayaks well known for their comfort, stability and durability. The Sky is their smallest and lightest model offering good tracking and stability, excellent manoeuvrability and great handling. The Santa Cruze is a bigger and roomier rec boat with lots of leg room and a pronounced keel and skeg for excellent tracking. For the best versatility however, the Manitou, has the feel of a touring boat but the comfort and stability of a rec boat, it also has a large cockpit and plenty of storage space.

Necky kayaks retail for between $500 and $1500 but it’s well worth keeping your eye on kayak forums, in the classified ads in kayaking magazines and on online forums to look out for used Necky kayak deals. For more information on every aspect of Necky Kayaks see




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