Cobra Kayaks Review

Fish and Dive, and Tandem


Cobra Kayaks have been manufacturing a range of swift, stable sit on kayaks for over thirty years. Known for their durability and user friendliness they’re a perfect solution for recreational kayakers and family fun. The designs cover everything from flat water kayaking to surf kayaking, diving, fishing and racing.

Cobras are made from a strong, lightweight material called super linear polyethylene. This type of rotomolded kayak is repairable unlike some other plastic kayaks but Cobra are so sure of their kayaks that they offer a lifetime warranty on all products.

Each of the designs is made with a particular audience in mind from their Play kayak which is made for general recreation or fishing to the Wave Witch, a high performance surfing kayak. Each kayak has a range of special modifications for the task at hand but many of the vessels cope well with varied conditions.

Fish and Dive

One of their most popular models is the Fish ‘n’ Dive kayak designed for fishing, diving and motoring. The modified deck is combined with a stable hull to create the ultimate fishing and diving kayak. This kayak offers an incredible amount of storage space (it has a large stern well capable of taking three scuba tanks) yet sacrifices none of the kayak’s stability. Deck space for rod holders, tackle boxes, bait tanks and a catch bag is also more than sufficient. The Fish n’ Dive also has an optional rear seat for an additional passenger and this versatile kayak can even be fitted with a motor bracket for a small outboard motor or an electric trolling motor.

Tandem kayak

Cobra Kayaks’ Tandem is a much lighter tandem kayak than many others on the market, making it easy to load onto a car roof rack. The Tandem offers great manoeuvrability and storage with space for up to five storage hatches. Cobra Kayaks also manufactures a range of accessories for the Tandem and other models including watertight hatches, bungee tie downs and a range of backrests.

Other Cobra Kayaks
Cobra manufacturers a full range of other kayaks from general rec boats to the Expedition long distance tourer, the Eliminator racing kayak and the Quad performance sea kayak. Expect to pay between $400 and $1300 for a Cobra kayak. For more information visit






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