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The great thing about buying a chess set is the vast range of choice that's open to you as a buyer.

Whatever your requirements, there's a chess set that's perfect for your needs. The "any color as long as it's black" ideology does not apply. There's literally a chess set for every conceivable occasion and new ideas are being dreamt up all the time.

So what's on offer?

Most everything would be the short answer. A fuller answer to that question would have to include the following popular choices:

. travel chess sets
. magnetic chess sets
. folding chess sets
. collectable and antique chess sets
. natural wood chess sets
. stone and marble chess sets

And we haven't even touched on the themed chess sets that are forever gaining in popularity. Visit any chess equipment store nowadays and you'll see Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek chess sets rubbing shoulders with the traditional Staunton chess set familiar to almost all chess players.

Immaterial in all of this is budget. A beginner's chess set can be purchased for just a few dollars. Okay, it maybe manufactured with cardboard and plastic, but ultimately it won't differ in any meaningful or significant way from the chess sets used by Grand Masters. So, in that respect, the game of chess is a great leveler. Skill, cunning and mental agility are the crucial qualities for a chess player to possess, not mega-buck equipment. Unlike other activities, there is no tangible advantage in having expensive state-of-the-art kit when playing chess.

Chess Sets - Things to Consider

A good chess set is ready to use straight out the box and will normally comprise of the chess board plus the chess pieces. Although not an essential piece of equipment, some chess sets may also come with a chess clock.

Leaving aside the questions of budget and personal taste which are both subjective issues, what other considerations are there to take into account?

One of the first is where do you intend to play? Do you have a suitable playing table to hand? And will this table be permanently set up?

Larger, more expensive chess sets that can act as a center piece deserve to be on display as they will grace any room. Not only that, you'll always be instantly ready to play whenever the opportunity arises.

One the other hand, when living space is at a premium, perhaps a folding chess set that can be easily and neatly stored away is a better solution.

Also worth some thought is the likelihood of you wishing to take your chess set away from home on a regular basis. In these circumstances, it's best to look at more mobile chess sets that are light to carry and can be safely secured in order to prevent pieces being lost in transit.

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