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Chess Games

Where can I play chess games online for free?

Here are some suggestions:

Sign up for a Yahoo!ID and then head for the Games home page.

MSN Games
Another popular haunt for chess players of all levels. Three modes of play: casual friendly matches, competitive and tournaments and special events.

Stands for Free Internet Chess Server. Sign up and download a graphical user interface to get going.
Friendly chess community with over 100,000 members worldwide. Good place to learn from scratch.

Where can I download chess games?

Try and They have dozens of Windows-compatible software titles.

Where can I download GNU Chess, X-Board and Win-Board?

You can download via anonymous FTP. The .tar.gz file extension means packed with tar and compressed with gzip. The .exe or .zip extension indicate files were packed and compressed with zip. There is also a comprehensive list of graphical interfaces for most operating systems from the Free Internet Chess Server site at

Can I download chess games for my Apple Mac?

Yes. Try the downloads section at for OS X. Alternatively, chess game client software for online chess play is available from the Internet Chess Club which also has software for earlier Mac operating systems.

Are there Mac versions of Shredder and Fritz?

Sorry, no. And there's no immediate prospect of them being ported either.

What chess game software is available for Linux?

Check out Knights Chess. It requires the K Desktop Environment v3.x, Autoconf v2.53 and Automake v1.6.1 to be pre-installed. Among the better known software titles for Linux are Crafty, which can be downloaded from Bob Hyatt's ftp server, and GNUChess. For more on Linux and chess software visit Robert Pawlak's site.

I'd like a chess game for my hand held device, what's on offer?

Just about everything you can get for a desktop including online chess client software, chess puzzles, chess programs and master strength solo chess games.

Try the following links:

List of 20 software titles as compiled by the DMOZ open directory

Chess programs written for the PocketPC

Where can I check the Laws of Chess?

The World Chess Federation rulebook is authoritative and can be found by clicking here. Also worthwhile for the novice and expert alike are the Edinburgh University rules of chess pages.

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