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There are very few things in life that always stay the same. One that does is the everlasting and global appeal of chess. For over a thousand years the game of chess has intrigued, fascinated and infuriated in equal measure millions of players all over the world.

In the US, conservative estimates put the number of chess players at around 20 million. Globally, the chess playing population is thought to be between 200 and 300 million people. In short, chess looks to be in good shape, its long standing appeal showing no sign of abating any time soon.

In celebration of this, we have put together a web site that salutes the evergreen board game that is chess. We take a brief look at some of the history behind the game and spotlight the latest developments in chess and its transition into the digital age of computers and the internet. In doing this, we have tried to appeal to novice player and expert alike - and provide direct links to some of the best chess suppliers around.

Getting Started - Chess Essentials

In the same way that every long march starts with the first step, we commence with the basic kit you need to start off with or require to replace. The chess essentials are, of course, the chess board, the chess pieces and a chess clock. We look in turn at each of these three elements and consider the major factors that will influence your purchasing decisions. Buying a chess board, playing pieces and chess clock should not been done in isolation. All three elements have to work together not only aesthetically, but also in a very real and practical way to ensure you get maximum enjoyment and pleasure from your chess playing.

Chess Game Technology

On our chess master page, we weigh up those ubiquitous questions, 'What is a chess master?' and 'How do I become one?' We then bravely attempt to refine and distil all those 'how to become a chess master' books into four easily digestible paragraphs.

Turning to the computer and internet age, we examine the developments wrought by silicon and the web. Learn on our computer chess page why the beige boxes got in on the act in the first place and how the man-versus-machine competitions turned into a computer Cold War for supremacy.

Out of this technology battle was born the chess software so many players are now familiar with. We examine what chess programs are currently on offer commercially - and as freeware and shareware - to transform your computer into an always available chess opponent that will teach, beat and challenge you constantly. And we explain how to get started with online chess from your desktop or on the move.

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