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Volkswagen, www.vw.com, accessories for carrying bicycles includes a rear mount for Pasat-wagon style VWs that transports two bikes and has an anti-theft locking device. The rear hatch back bike rack-wagon for the Volkswagen Jettta Wagon comes pre-assembled and holds two bicycles. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum, and attaches easily to the hatch of the car. It is for use with adult-size bikes only.

The VW fork mount bicycle rack must be used with the base carrier bars, and has wheel rails and a thumb wheel adjuster that clamps the bike's front fork in place. One model is for bikes with disc brakes and the other won't fit with the disc brakes. The base carrier bars can accommodate up to three bike holders and they are sold separately.

The Barracuda bike holder is a durable, rugged rack that is easy-to-use, has a secure fit with a curved shape arm. The base carrier bars can accommodate up to three Barracuda bike racks, and they are sold separately. These are available for most VW models and are to be used with tubular frame bikes up to 80mm and tire width up to 55mm.

The Touareg trailer-hitch bike mount bike rack will haul up to four bikes, and will securely hold all frame style bikes with its "Sweet Spot Cradles". The bike arms fold down when not in use. Professional installation may be necessary.

Other bike rack and carrier manufacturers also offer VW compatible parts.

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