Caravan Insurance Policy

Getting Caravan Coverage

As soon as you purchase a caravan you must make sure that you have sufficient insurance to cover it for any eventuality. Remember that caravan insurance is not just for when you are in the caravan and away on your holidays – it also covers you for any damage caused in the event of an accident, a fire or a break-in (even if it stored in the garage).

Finding the right policy for you can be daunting. Compare like for like policies on the internet or by making phone calls and remember to note the following:

The cost of cover and the kind of insurance required will differ if your caravan is in a locked garage or storage facility. If you don't have a garage available, a storage facility can be costly, but will save on your premiums and is sure to reduce the risk of theft of your caravan.

Each policy will have exclusions and excesses. This is the really important small print that you must make sure you read thoroughly. Exclusions may mean that places that you take your caravan or leave your caravan may not be covered at all with that policy. Any claim would be totally refused, thus making your policy null and void.

The excess is the amount of money that you are asked to pay towards the repairs before the insurance company will step in and cover the rest. These can vary dramatically but will affect the premiums. If you are prepared to pay more and cover the smaller things you will be able to get cheaper insurance premiums. However if you want the excess waived so you have nothing to pay, be prepared for your premiums to go sky high.

You might want to pay the total of the insurance costs in a lump sum, or prefer to spread the premiums throughout the year in monthly payments. If you pay the lump sum you will certainly get a better price, but this is not always affordable.

Think about if you are entitled to any personal discounts. By belonging to certain caravan clubs, being a woman or of a certain age, you may be eligible for concessions.

And finally, check every year to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.





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