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Sorting out a payday loan the traditional way can be a real headache. Firstly you’ve got to find a reputable loan company; and this is no mean feat if you consider that they are only legal in 36 states. Next you’ll have to arm yourself with a briefcase full of paperwork including; personal identification, utility bills and proof of regular employment. Then you’ve got to spend hours on end standing in line while a loan clerk decides your financial fate.

So it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are choosing to apply payday loans online. Besides affording a degree of anonymity there are several other benefits to applying online. You can borrow money anywhere in the country and it will be wired straight into your account. Likewise when it comes to paying the loan back; it’s automatically debited from your account. However, perhaps the greatest advantage is that there are plenty of loan providers to choose from, which means that you can shop around to find the best interest rates.

To process your application you’ll generally be expected to fax through copies of all relevant personal documentation (such as pay slips), then wait for approval. Once you’ve got the green light the money will be paid directly into your account. On paper it’s as easy as falling off a log; however, there are a couple of potential pitfalls that could cause you problems.

While online security has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years; you still need to take care. Secure websites are identified by a yellow padlock or key icon; usually in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. If you have any concerns visit the website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and if they haven’t got one; go elsewhere. It’s also worth making sure your personal data is protected in order to avoid junk mail. Check their privacy policy as many loan providers will freely pass on your details to other companies.

All reputable payday loan companies are state licensed and should clearly display this information on their website.




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