Colorado Home Mortgage Loans

Loan and Refinance Lender and Brokers in Colorado

Colorado home mortgages
Colorado home mortgage loans are taken out everyday, by hundreds of people who are looking to buy a home in this beautiful state. The main problems arise when trying to obtain funds to assist with the purchase. However, with so many mortgage companies to choose from, the search for a Colorado mortgage loan to suit your needs, may not be as difficult as you think.

Mortgage companies that offer Colorado home mortgage loans will have a whole range of different interest rates; therefore it is wise to shop around a little. As well as finding the best rates, it is also important to find a lender that offers the right mortgage for you. There are other important factors to consider such as the quality of customer service, mortgage fees and other costs involved when purchasing a new home.

Whichever state you choose to buy a home, interest rates tend to rise and fall along with Wall Street securities. Therefore, keeping your eye on economic trends and the state of the mortgage market may help you obtain the best possible rates.

The price of the house should not be the only cost to consider. Making sure that your monthly income can cover property taxes and insurance is extremely important. It would be a real shame to contact a mortgage lender and then to find out that you just cannot afford the monthly payment.

A mortgage broker can help you through the whole application process, from obtaining quotations to completing the application form.

Colorado mortgage providers
Below is a list of companies. This is designed to help you with your search. It is in no way a list of recommendations, but purely there to get you started.

Bank Capital Mortgage, 101 West Centennial Drive, Bennett, CO 80102

Phone: (303) 644-4373

Denver Mortgage Company, 7175 West Jefferson Avenue, Suite 1000, Lakewood, CO 80235

Phone: (303) 763-7676

Banksource Mortgage Corporation, 2750 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Lakewood, CO 80227

Phone: (303) 394-2222

Sakson Mortgage Group, 256 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623

Phone: (970) 704-1450

Santa Fe Mortgage, 4230 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212

Phone: (303) 480-5015

Bank of Grand Junction, 2415 F Road, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Phone: (970) 241-9000

Banner Mortgage, 276 South Wadsworth Boulevard, Lakewood, CO 80227

Phone: (303) 646-2466

Denver Mortgage Funding, 3030 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: (970) 225-2194

Satisfaction Mortgage, 2175 South Jasmine Street, Denver, CO 80222

Phone: (303) 504-4599

Magnum Mortgage 2180 Vickers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719) 599-8998

Satellite Mortgage Group, 1350 Chambers Road, Aurora, Co 80011

Phone: (303) 364-9858

Santori Susan Mortgages, 8500 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton, CO 80123

Phone: (303) 971-0870

Absolute Lending Inc., 3101 West 38 th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (303) 455-2525

A M Mortgage Brokers, 4141 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80303

Phone: (303) 440-6446


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