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Ironically, organizing a so-called fast cash advance often takes both time and effort. You generally have to go to a bank (or loan company) and stand in line for hours on end while a humorless manager decides your financial fate. More often than not you’ll need reams of personal documentation, including your driver’s license, various utility bills and handfuls of pay stubs. You’ll be asked to leave a post dated check and you may even have to leave your car registration as extra security.

So it’s hardly surprising that a growing number of people are choosing to apply for a fast cash advance online. There are a number of distinct advantages to using the Internet, not the least of which is that you can apply from anywhere in the country (despite the fact that payday loan companies are only legal in 36 states). Cyberspace is awash with cash advance companies, which means that competition is fierce and customers can shop around for the most favorable interest rates. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of the high street.

To apply for an online cash advance you’ll generally be expected to fax through copies of your driver’s license, bank account details and a recent pay slip. Once you’ve got the green light; the money will be paid straight into your account. Likewise when it comes to repaying the money you don’t have to do anything as the money will exit the same way it arrived; via your bank account.

While online security has improved considerably in recent years you still need to take care. Secure websites are identified by a yellow padlock or key icon; usually in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. If you have any concerns visit the website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where you should find detailed security information. Don’t leave the FAQ pages without establishing that the loan company is state registered. If it isn’t; go elsewhere. It’s also worth making sure that any personal data is protected in order to prevent your mailbox/ inbox from being deluged with junk mail. Check the loan provider’s Privacy Policy and look for the ‘opt out’ box that you can tick.


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