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State farm auto insurance quotes

Why go for a State Farm Auto Insurance Quote? - well the company has proven itself to be time and time again to be reliable, dependable and fair to all their consumers. Their rates are competitive and their service unparalleled by many in the industry. State Farm auto insurance quotes will also take into account factors such as the adoption of extra safety features, good student awards and more to provide you with the cheapest and ideally personalized policy.

In just over eighty years this company has risen to become a strong global contender and there are a few products of the company's development that build consumers confidence when they consider getting quote from State Farm:

1. The renewal rate at present is just over 80% - this refers to the percentage of existing customers that are introducing others to company and who then have subsequently taken out a policy.

2. The rates remain competitive and service is of a high standard.

3. All claims are given personal attention - and programs are in place to chase up claims if necessary.

4. Been the number one insurer in the states for many consecutive years.

State Farm Auto Insurance quotes are the best because they are backed by several independent rating agencies and the company has considerable financial strength which has lead to it being recognized for its high claim payout ability. Below is a list of ratings:

1. Superior / A++ A.M. Best

2. Very Strong / AA+ - Fitch Ratings

3. Excellent / Aa1 - Moody

4. Very Strong / AA - Standard & Poor's

5. Good / B+ - Weiss






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