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Best Company; ratings and what to look when taking out coverage

Safe auto insurance companies

A safe auto insurance company - by now you probably have a good idea of the types of coverage that are available. The next important step now though is trying to decide who you want to take out your policy with - but how are you going to be sure that they are reliable when it come to you making a claim? Have no fear as we have put together a few points that will put you on the right road to finding a safe auto insurance company.

The first thing you can do is to have a look at the relevant state department of insurance website.

What you are looking for is the consumer complaint ratios, which will tell you how many complaints a particular company has had per very 1000 claims put forward. This is definitely one of the best screening methods available to consumers and will effectively weed out any dubious choices leaving a list of potentially safe companies. If you struggle to find the ratio specific to your state then have a look at other ones as companies often work across state lines. The web site may also provide a basic comparison of rates which would have been obtained through independent surveys.

Finding a Safe Auto Insurance Company: The Next Step

Next on the cards is to take a walk down to your nearest body shop - because they are deeply rooted within the motor industry and because they do business with insurance adjusters they will have a good idea as to who could be termed a "safe auto insurance company." Some inside information which they may be able to provide includes - details of how smooth certain companies deal with claims and they also may be able to tell you which companies are pushing aftermarket motor parts to reduce costs.

Still not convinced your choice is reliable? -Well maybe you should also consult the J.D. Power Ratings. These people gather information pertaining to individual policy holders from around the country. It then rates them under several categories including price, coverage options, claims handling and client satisfaction with company

One of the last things you can do to determine whether your choice is defiantly a safe auto insurance company is to refer to consider a company's financial strength ratings (the company's ability to settle a claim). The best sources of these are those published by A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's. Most companies will show their rating on their brochures and web sites, if not you can always check the company listings on the on the A.M. Best and Standard & Poor's web sites. It is recommended you do not go with an insurer who has an A.M. Best rating of anything less than a B+, or a Standard and Poor's rating of BBB.

If you are still unsure you will be in safe hands you might want to working with an agent who will be able to provide more information and be able to answer any of your questions. This can be quite advantageous as an agent has can become familiar with your unique situation and therefore be able to more effectively channel you towards the best policy. It should be noted that independent agents do come with a fee, and this should be agreed upon in writing before any research is undertaken. You would also do well to make sure that the agent is PIA certified (Professional Insurance Agents).








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