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Geico auto insurance quotes
A GEICO Auto Insurance quote gives many vehicle owners piece of mind, this might be because they got it from a company which was deemed to be the fifth largest “private-passenger auto insurer” in the states! This statistic was calculated by A. M. Best from direct written premiums.

With a dozen major bureaus scattered around the country this 13.7 billion dollar company has a tremendous amount of financial strength behind it – which is understandable when you consider it is part of Berkshire Hathaway and affiliates including the likes of GEICO General, GEICO Indemnity and GEICO Casualty. This well rooted financial strength gives consumers piece of mind that their claims will in fact be taken care of.

Why even consider getting a direct GEICO Auto Insurance Quote then? – well for one the company has been ranked by independent rating institutes and these ratings give further insight into GEICO’s financial strength and claims-paying ability. Below are a list of some of the current ratings:

A. M. Best gave GEICO A++

Standard and Poor issued them an AAA rating.

Moody past them a rating of AAA.

Still not convinced about getting an auto insurance quote from a GEICO? - Well maybe you will after viewing what benefits come with the policy if you choose to take it out

Twenty-four hour service every day of the year

Security your claim is the hands of knowledgeable and experienced agent

Fast processing and settlement of claims

GEICO also offer coverage for motorcycles, homes, boats, mobile homes as well as providing personal umbrella protection.

Please find below GEICO’s contact details:

One GEICO Plaza


D.C. 20076

Or telephone them on 1-800-841-3000.






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