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Commercial auto insurance
Commercial auto insurance provides valuable coverage for fleets of motor vehicles and their drivers in the event that the vehicles or their payloads are lost or damaged, someone is injured or if there is damage to property. Most commercial auto insurance policies are tailored to meet a company's specific needs and motor vehicle characteristics, while at the same time providing unified billing. Many business owners have found that by taking out a policy they have gained piece of mind, which has allowed them to focus more on their business and less on worrying about possible mishaps.

Owning and running a business requires you to have similar types of coverage for the motor vehicle you use for work as you do for the motor vehicle you use for personal travel i.e. comprehensive, liability, personal injury protection, and coverage for uninsured drivers. It is often the case that people use the same car at home and at work - just remember that if it is a company car the name of the company needs to be on the policy where it says "principal insured."

All major insurance companies provide quotes and have special rates for this type of package

The main difference with commercial auto insurance is in the technical aspects. You would do well to have an agent explain these differences and the option available to you. For those of you that have taken out a personal umbrella liability policy you are generally excluded from business related liability. Whatever the case though make sure that you have enough liability coverage.

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Quotes are dependent on the type of coverage you are looking for. These include:

1.Third Party Cover - Guarantees business's liability to others in the case of a car accident or such incident. Allowances are made for death or injury. However this excludes the death or injury to employees while they are working - this is because hey are covered by employers liability insurance. .

2. Fire and Theft (also relates to third parties) - Business is protected in the event of a break in or if a fire destroys part of a fleet. This is optional to businesses.

3. Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover - this includes fire and theft. Business is covered irrespective of who is at fault. Private vehicles used for work (this does not often include travel to and from work) purposes are not covered unless they have been added to the commercial policy.





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