Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Find Your Way on the Road to Inexpensive Car Insurance Premiums

Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Firstly make a choice - do this by deciding what you want in a policy and a company. Find out what is available, and then work at understanding the concepts and becoming familiar with the terminology. Cheap auto insurance quotes mean comparing companies. You want to make sure they meet all the points you have deemed important in step one. Tools such as the internet, word of mouth, consumer publications (online and off) are all valuable resources to be used. Keep notes of what you find out so you can always go back to them.

What Affects your Final Quote?

You can get car insurance cheaper by up to 15-20% by simply parking your car in a garage (yours or commercial one.) This is because the chance of theft is reduced which lowers your risk weighting and hence your premiums. Garage parking also safe-guards the vehicle from reverse collisions and sideswipes.

Get a cheaper auto insurance quote by simply putting a stop to smoking. Smoking is a habit that is hard to say no to, meaning there is a high chance you will smoke while you drive. This is a dangerous activity - ash could fall onto the driver's lap, they could drop the cigarette, most drivers squint when trying to light one - all the time their attention is not fully focused on the road in front of them. The chance of having an accident is therefore higher and so therefore is the premium.

Register all your cars with the same company as many insurance companies will offer you a discount if you have more than one vehicle registered with them. Also if you are driving to cars your risk is spread over the two cars - reduced risk can reduce your pay-outs.

Go Conservative as extreme cars such as the Dodge Viper, BMW 325i, and the four door Honda Civic are seen by companies to be expensive to repair when compared to other cars on the market. As a result they will have higher premiums. Sports cars, due to their intended nature can up your insurance payments - some companies will not even insure some makes due to the un-naturally high levels of risk.

Obtaining a cheap and inexpensive auto insurance quote also means investing in safety equipment since discounts are often granted to drivers who have the latest or extra safety features installed in their cars. Although a lot of companies are now looking into studies that claim that airbags, seatbelts and antilock brakes do not reduce injury buy a vast enough amount.

Try and up your deductible - Most people often immediately opt for the lowest possible. But in effect by raising it you can significantly reduce the premiums. This is way of saving on your monthly payments, but it is a personal decision whether this is worth the possibility of paying that deductible in the event of an accident.

Take a Defensive Driving Course: With more certifiable road experience you are obviously at less risk of being involved in an auto accident. Some companies will recognize this and reduce your premium (although a few states only apply this these aged 55 and above.)

Obtaining Cheap Inexpensive Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Is the book value of your car worth the premiums you are paying? - could you risk dropping say collision or comprehensive coverage?

Insure your home and car with the same company - this is how most businesses work, with bulk buys warranting a discount. Granted not all companies may offer this but it is worth having a look see.

Be a Good Student. Those drivers under the age of 25 who are in high school / college / university can qualify for a discount if they are able to carry a B average for the preceding semester.

Get extra security so it is harder for your vehicle to be broken into and stolen. Look at investing in immobilizers, hood- and wheel-locking devices, and window identification systems. These can reduce your premiums (automated devices will have a higher reduction effect.)









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