Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

Guide to Arizona Insurance Company Rates

Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes

Arizona Auto Insurance - The good news is that "The Grand Canyon State" is luckily enough to have very clear cut and simple set of regulations when it comes to auto insurance. All the laws that govern over automobile insurance in Arizona and over the policy itself are just as straightforward. Owners can rest assured that they are not going to be confronted with a bombardment of sub clauses, and as a bonus the simplicity of the law has had the effect of making this state's premiums cheaper than others.

Arizona Car Insurance Explained

Being a resident of this state, dictates that the individual is to be held financially accountable for any injury or damage which they cause in an automobile accident. It is for this reason Arizona is said to be a "tort" state. Therefore to legally drive a car one needs to provide proof of this financial responsibility. For many the only way to meet this requirement is to take out an insurance policy with reputable company such as 21st Century. However, there is also the option of putting down a certificate of deposit or a bond for the state set amount 0f $40 000..

As mentioned above this state has a cheaper premium. This is mainly because of the state's liability minimums which are comparatively inexpensive:

Amount to cover injuries or damage caused by you to the other party is $20 000 per person

Amount to cover "all" is up to $40 000

Amount to cover damage which is inflicted on the other party's property is $10 000.

Instinctually many people may feel these are too low and it would be advisable to contemplate higher levels to cover yourself and safe guard your assets. Other optional policy extras that are offered by most auto insurance companies include: Comprehensive Coverage, Collision Coverage, Medical Payment Coverage and Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

Arizona Auto Insurance - Quotes and Rates

You may be asking how insurance rates are determined. The fact of the matter is that premiums are connected to and dependent on the behavior of the state's drivers. The general rule followed by most Arizona auto insurance companies is to take the cost of covering all drivers, including other costs such as administration fees, and settlement and legal incursions. This figure is then divided up among the total number of clients.

Make no mistake this does not result in an even spread. Other factors are looked at such as: age, marital status, car model and the individual's driving history to determine the percentage an individual would have to pay to cover themselves. Granted many companies will weigh factors differently maybe placing a greater emphasis on your driving record. It is therefore advisable that residents shop around getting as many quotes as possible.










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