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French door window treatments
French doors are a beautiful accent to any home, infusing rooms with distinct style while bringing in light and air. The only question is how does one decorate them? It is essential to find the right French door window treatments to foster, rather than diminish, their unique appeal; however, this doesn't mean wading through stacks of curtains, rods and blinds. Here's some advice on how to dress your French doors.

How do French doors differ from other windows and doors?

First of all, French doors are designed to be used. They allow access to a deck, veranda or even another room by swinging outwards or inwards on hinges. This makes finding appropriate French door window treatments a bit more difficult, as you never want to block the doorway or obstruct the hinge mechanism from functioning properly.

What are some suggestions for French door window treatments?

There are always solutions for decorating your French doors. Door panels in sheer or solid curtains are a popular choice; gather them on poles at the bottom and top of the window and then draw the fabric together in the middle to resemble an hour glass shape. This lets in a bit of light while allowing some privacy; the panels may then be drawn outwards again to cover more of the window.

Thin, sheer curtains work especially well with French doors provided that they are on a curtain rod or pole long enough to hold the fabric clear of the doors. In fact, it can be quite pleasant to open a set of French doors, draw a pair of sheer curtains and allow the breeze to send them sailing breezily into the room.

If you're searching for more privacy, full-size indoor shutters on a track can be a great choice. Slide them along the tracks to open and close; when placed across French doors these wooden shutters afford maximum privacy and security.

If you prefer to use window treatments that are not the same size of the doors, try a set of plantation shutters. These attractive wooden shutter tilt up and down to close are also another good option.

Where can I find further resources?

Your neighborhood fabric and craft store is a good place to go if you have questions about material. Visit a local home improvement store for suggestions on hardware; home furnishing stores usually carry a great assortment of shades and blinds in their window treatment departments.

If you prefer to pick up a book on the matter, try The Complete Guide to Doors & Windows by Black & Decker (Creative Publishing International, 2002). Read about the hardware necessary for French doors while learning about the different design and style elements.






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