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Discount window treatments
Decorating your home can be a satisfying though somewhat expensive process. However, there's no reason to break the bank in the name of style when discount window treatments are easy to find and easy on the wallet, providing a great solution for any do-it-yourself designer.

First you have to know what you're looking for when choosing window treatment accessories. Keep in mind that style and quality reflect the cost of the window accessory:

  • Plastic curtain rods are less expensive than metal ones. Shower curtain rods can be a cost-conscious substitute, especially covered and hidden by the curtain fabric.
  • Curtain poles are more aesthetic and cost more than rods. Available in carved wood and metal, poles affix to the wall via hooks or decorative wooden attachments.
  • Carved wooden end finials (the decorative caps that fit over the ends of the curtain rods) can be expensive, depending on how intricate the design.
  • When choosing curtains, remember that the more fabric you need, the more money you should expect to spend. For example, long panels are more expensive than short valances and shades.
  • The type of fabric you choose also changes the price; stick to simple patterns and inexpensive cottons and percale blends to save money.

Know where to look for an assortment of discount window treatments. Commercial home improvement stores and large retail chains are great places to find any accessory from curtain ring to rod. Known for stocking a variety of styles, brands and price levels, superstores offer customers plenty of options. Their wide selection allows you to purchase everything you need in one shopping trip, plus knowledgeable salespeople are available to answer any questions you may have.

It is a good idea to browse through the clearance sections of window departments when searching for discount prices. Retailers promote the sale of their overstock by offering buyers incentives such as reduced prices or two-for-one deals. For example, a national retail chain recently offered a pair of full-length cotton drapes for the reduced price of $79.99, allowing the customer to save almost 25 percent off the original price of $107.99.

Sometimes the best discount window treatments are found at home. With a bit of creativity and craftiness anyone can create a number of basic window accessories.

  • If you can't find curtain rings, use ribbon, tying the ends off into bows. Other options include metal washers and inexpensive hooks.
  • Visit your local hardware store and substitute a large wooden dowel for a curtain rod. These unfinished wood poles vary in thickness and length and can be finished with stain or varnish.
  • Visit a factory outlet store for great deals on curtain fabric or buy your fabric in bulk from an online store.
  • If you want cotton curtains, flat bed sheets can make a great substitute. Grab a pair to make a set of long panels or cut and hem for a valance.


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