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Custom window treatments
Sometimes having too many choices can be more frustrating than not having enough. The wide array of window decorating options and accessories can be mind-boggling, yet even a wide assortment of goods doesn't guarantee you'll find exactly what you're looking for. If you're stumped for decorating ideas, it can be a good idea to look into custom window treatments.

Whoever said all windows are created equal? Many people order custom window treatments to cover oddly shaped or hard-to-fit windows. Others simply want their decorating schemes to remain unique. Of course, it's always hassle-free to leave your window treatment responsibilities to the experts. No matter your reasoning, it's easy to order custom measured and designed window treatments; all you need to know is where to look.

A number of companies offer custom window treatments. Not only can customers specify their own dimensions, but they may choose from among a wide variety of additional features such as remote-controlled shades, special tinting and cordless blinds. Simply contact one of the following stores to talk to a designer, order a free brochure or catalogue, or to visit a store in person.

Smith+Noble is a national retail chain designed to help you customize every aspect of your window treatments from curtain to rod to shade. Visit them at to request a catalogue.

Blinds to Go lets you customize one of the most an essential parts of any window treatment: the blinds and/or shade. Prices remain low because they source directly from their own warehouse. Locate a store near you at

Other companies actually come to your home to offer consultations and screenings. Budget Blinds focuses on custom window blinds. Visit their online showroom at and then call to schedule a free in-house consultation.

If you prefer to do your own designing and customizing, there are a number of books and resources where you can go for help. Visit a fabric and craft store to buy fabric and ask questions about curtain design. Your local home improvement superstore will provide all the materials you need, or try the neighborhood hardware store. No matter your resource, you should be able to find knowledgeable sales people to help you with any questions.

Here is some recommended reading if you plan to design your own custom window treatments:

Curtains & Shades: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creative Window Treatments by Melanie Paine offers more than enough inspiration for anyone looking to create his or her own window treatment designs (Reader's Digest Association, 1997).

The Encyclopedia of Window Fashions by Charles T. Randall provides over 1,000 design illustrations, making it perfect for the individual designer (Randall International, 2002).

The Ultimate Curtain Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Window Treatments by Isabella Forbes offers over 35 step-by-step plans for creating your own unique window treatments (Reader's Digest Association, 2000).






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