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Window coverings
Conventional window treatments aren't necessarily perfect for everyone. If curtains, rods and blinds bore you, why not exercise a little imagination and take a non-traditional route towards window coverings?

Add some flair to dull curtains by embellishing them with a number of small, easy-to-find items.

  • Use a hot glue gun to affix small shaped mirrors along the edge of dark colored fabric for extra sparkle; the mirrors will reflect back the light in a dazzling manner. Or bring in a bit of the ocean by bordering fabric with seashells.
  • Line a panel with pom-pom fringe for a whimsical effect, create stripes or a checked pattern with embroidered ribbon and try your hand at rubber stamps by pressing colorful images onto plain curtains.

Browse through your local retail superstore, hardware store or fabric shop for ideas. Keep an open mind and remember that if you don't find exactly what you want, any number of materials can be manipulated with needle, thread or hot glue gun.

  • Entwine a couple of garlands of fake ivy around a curtain pole affixed above the window. Tailor the look to the season by adding silk flowers in spring, colorful leaves for autumn and boughs of holly during winter. Grapevine is another good option.
  • Hang glass shelves over the window and line with colored glass objects though be sure not to use too many objects that can block the light.
  • Place a decorative shelf over the window and create 'curtains' by draping a long piece of fabric over it. Tie these created drapes back with decorative ribbon or a tassel.
  • If you're artistic, try painting your own trompe l'oeil around the window. Or create a border out of decorative tile or wallpaper.

Even unconventional materials make terrific window coverings; try different materials such as metal washers instead of curtain rings, vinyl shower curtains rather than fabric or hang a pair of decorative wooden plaques alongside the window.

  • Try a set of indoor shutters. Visit a flea market or antique shop to pick up an old pair of wooden exterior shutters. Paint or stain them for a classic look or try some crackle paint or bright colors such as lime green and electric blue.
  • Use your window coverings to promote the décor of the room; hang fabric from a curtain rod or pole using fish hooks rather than curtain rings for a nautical theme. Try a baseball bat for a curtain rod in an athlete's bedroom.
  • Terrycloth towels make great curtains in a bathroom; simply stitch together two hand towels or four washcloths for a colorful textured valance. Try other pre-made items such as vintage tea towels, lace doilies or colorful dish towels.


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