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There are many different styles of wrought iron wine racks manufactured, ranging from contemporary and modern to the traditional and antique. Most wine racks made from wrought iron serve the function of storing wine safely and acting as an ornamental piece.

Wrought iron wine racks are well known to be durable and extremely long lasting. Some can even be designed as forms of sculpture, and are available to buy in wall mounted versions, as trees, cradles, towers, and even racks inspired by the wrought iron intricacies of London’s Hampton Court Palace.

Some of the decorative wrought iron wine racks are used for displaying wine bottles in homes, offices and bars. Bakers rack design and designer wine racks are good examples of these. Decorative racks can be custom made, a product of DIY, or purchased new, used, or even as antiques. These will vary in the number of wine bottles they can hold according to size and design. Small wine racks are often used as an addition to a room’s décor and may hold only one bottle.

Building a wrought iron rack involves a wine storage rack plan or design, materials, and equipment for shaping, connecting, or welding the metals. Plans and kits can be purchased, or library books may also have this information. These do it yourself wine rack plans and wine rack kits may be found online or in wine outlets, home supply, craft stores of hardware stores. Local custom welders and crafters may also build wrought iron wine racks for sale.

Finding an iron wine rack for sale, and buying a cheap or discount wine rack online might lead to auction sites, wholesale, retail, and wine rack manufacturers selling to the buyer directly. Custom wine racks are usually more expensive. Department, liquor, kitchen or bar specialty stores, furniture and hardware stores are good places to begin shopping locally.





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