Wooden Wine Racks

Popular natural choices

Birch, Cedar, Oak and Cherry

Many wooden wine racks are produced by cabinet manufacturers to match the wood used in existing cabinetry. Wine racks are available to buy made from inexpensive pine to more expensive woods like oak, maple, beech, cherry, mahogany, and cedar. Birch, fir and spruce are also hard wearing, popular woods used for wine rack production.

Wood of any kind is an ideal material for the manufacture of wine racks. Wooden wine racks are durable, flexible, easy to construct and reasonably lightweight in comparison to the amount of weight they can bear. Wood can be treated with a fire retardant to make wooden racks relatively fireproof.

Using wood to build wine racks allows for many custom or unusually designed types of wine racks. Building a wooden wine rack usually involves a wine storage rack plan or design, or even copied from another wine rack. Plans and kits can be purchased at home craft and supply stores, do it yourself plans may be found online or in books, and some may be found at the local library.

The materials for the wooden wine rack can be purchased from building supply stores, cabinet shops, craft supply stores, or wholesale home stores, lumber yards, and local sawmills. It is helpful for decorating to choose a wood that will match the other wood accessories and details in the room such as the cabinets, tables, and trim in the house or building.

When searching for wood it’s important to find the right type to do the job you require. Some woods are stronger and more durable than others, while some have distinctive odors which may affect the flavor of your wine over long periods of time. If building your own wooden wine rack, ensure that the wood is properly dried (having less than 12 per cent moisture content), which means it won’t warp when exposed to humidity in your home.

When designing your own rack it is helpful to be sure it will hold the size of the bottle you will be storing and be sure that the width of the rack is sufficient to make it stable from tipping. Also design it to hold the number of wine bottles you plan to have on hand. The pieces should be securely fastened together to hold the weight of the wine bottles. Pre-drilling the wood pieces is necessary to avoid splitting the wood when screwing the pieces together.


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