Buying a wooden wine rack

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Pre Built Racks

There are wine rack stores to be found online. These stores offer many different types and unique designs of pre-built wooden wine racks and also have some plans and suggestions for the do it yourself enthusiasts.. Wine racks range in size and vary according to the size and number of bottles held from one to many. They are available in rack style and cubical design, shelf type and other variations.

Most designs are for storing the wine bottles in a horizontal position. There are tower models, stacking units and other cellar type modular units to build and design unique wine storage rooms or cellars.

Be sure to buy the model that fits the demand for the number of bottles kept on hand. Horizontal wine racks are preferred for the storage of wine bottles. These racks are usually more stable, this increases with the width of the rack. Horizontal units keep the cork moist which will ensure a good seal and keep air from entering the bottle. This is the preferred rack for storing wine, keep this in mind when purchasing.

Upright wine bottle racks are available in wood for serving or displaying the wine, they are not very common, or recommended for use other than serving, but make an attractive display and help to prevent spilling.

Some wood wine racks can be found in wine and glass combination racks. The wine and glass rack can be very convenient and create interesting displays. These can be purchased from wine rack sales companies online, or from various catalogs that specialize in kitchens and bars.

The more intricate woodwork usually costs more. Be sure to check for workmanship and structural strength when buying the wine rack. Plans and kits can be purchased at home craft and supply stores, do it yourself plans may be found online or in books, some may be found at the local library.

Auction and overstock outlets are good places to shop for a cheap wooden wine rack. Wood wine rack manufacturers may also sell to the customers directly at wholesale prices. Shopping locally at second hand, pawn and yard sales for cheap or discount wine racks may truly pay off.


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