Stainless Steel Wine Racks

A welcomed accessory to any modern kitchen

Metal storage racks

With the abundance of stainless steel kitchen packages and appliances gaining favour in the modern market, stainless steel wine racks are a complementary accessory to today’s modern living.

Stainless steel’s benefits for use as kitchenware and household appliances include its resistance to corrosion and staining. It is easily looked after, relatively inexpensive (although more expensive than regular steel), and can be 100 per cent recycled.

The advantage which stainless steel holds over ordinary steel is that it doesn’t rust as easily. Stainless steel can resist oxidation to a greater degree and therefore can maintain its quality and appearance for a longer period of time. This also means that the final finish on your wine rack isn’t as important to its longevity.

There are three kinds of finishing which are widely used on stainless steel appliances. Passivation gives the final product a dull, matt look. Electropolishing finishes products with a reflective sheen, and bead blasting leaves a textured look behind.

Adaptability is a strong advantage that metal and stainless steel wine racks have over their wooden counterparts. Because the material can be welded together, it’s easy and cheap to produce wine racks in one of a kind items or shapes than it is with wood.

You can find stainless steel wine racks in every sort of shape available – whether used as an ornament, for cellaring, everyday kitchen use or in a commercial or industrial operation. Some double as both racks and coolers, with temperature controlled, vacuum sealed glass doors which are tinted to keep out unnecessary light and regulate temperatures.

Building or making a stainless steel rack might be complicated due to the materials, but some custom artists that work with the stainless steel materials might offer custom, unique wine racks made with stainless steel. Check local artists and crafters, or perhaps search online to find them.

Stainless steel wine racks can be purchased through wholesale and retail manufacturers, kitchen supply shops, buildings accessory catalogs and stores, decorating catalogs, outlet stores, other variety catalogs, cabinet shops, wineries, department stores, hardware stores, home and office décor stores, and wine and liquor stores.






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