Buying Metal Wine Racks

Hanging and Wall Mounted Storage

Decisions on buying a metal wine rack should be easy as there are a wide variety to suit almost every space, size and budget. Metal is durable, sturdy and dependable and can be found in every material from wrought iron to chrome and steel.

Metal wine racks can be bought in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, important when you’re looking for flexibility to fit into your existing lifestyle. Varying shapes are a good choice as well when you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with. Buy a rack to fit into your kitchen, any corners of your home or in and around tables and cabinets.

Hanging or wall mounted wine racks are ideal wine storage solutions for those who need to economise on space. Most wall hanging wine racks are easy to install but it’s important to ensure your walls can take the weight assigned. A wine rack which hangs from the ceiling is also a space saver.

Flexibility is the key is you’re not sure exactly where your wine rack will end up in the home, or how big your collection of bottles may end up.

A storage-style unit may prove to be your one stop shop. Wine racks can be kept inside this storage unit as well as glasses, corkscrews and any other sort of liquor and stemware.

Some designs are for storage in an upside down position which may cause problems with the wine. The sediment and debris in the wines will collect in the neck of the bottle and come out first when the wine is opened. This is not usually a problem with the newer wines that have preservatives and other chemicals which keep wine from settling. The upside down wine racks are handy for easy access to all the bottles, and for reading the labels without removing the bottles, but they are upside down. There are many tower models like this that are very unique and interesting. But not recommended for the home made wines that are likely to have sediment and separation.







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