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Wine glass racks are important for protecting your fine stemware. Some racks are designed to store the glasses in an upright position, but the most common is the hanging wine glass rack.

Hanging wine glass racks are designed to hold stemware safely, and these racks hold the wine glass by the base. The number of wine glasses that can be stored in the different racks would depend on the size of the glasses and the configuration of the rack.

Hanging wine glass racks are made for storage in cabinets, kitchen cupboards, above bars and as racks hanging overhead. Suspended wine glass racks fit most wine glass stemware, depending on the circumference of the base and stem and the dimensions of the wine glass rack itself.

Hanging wine glass racks can be found in kitchen outlet and department stores, wineries, wine and liquor outlet stores, and bar equipment stores. Some can also be purchased in catalogs, home supply and hardware stores, and from wine rack manufacturers. Checking online shopping sites for wine accessory racks and wine glass racks may be helpful.

Wine glass racks are constructed from a variety of metals while others are made of different kinds of wood. Some racks can be found in wine and glass combinations. The wine and glass combination racks can be very convenient and create interesting displays. These combination racks are available in overhead hanging, wall mounted, and cart type combinations which include storage for wine bottles, wine glasses and a convenient top for serving wine and cheese or other accessories.

Chilled refrigerator wine rack units are available designed specifically for wine bottles and wine glasses. These are an excellent place to keep wine in an environment where the temperature is controlled and stabilized. They provide the perfect humidity (60-75%), and a glazed front door which provides UV protection for the wine while still allowing the selection to be viewed without exposure to the harmful rays of light. This is a very good option for the wine connoisseur, and provides a handily chilled glass as well.






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