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Plans and DIY Kits

Want to build your own wine rack? Wine rack plans and designs for the do it yourself-ers, and tips on how to make a wine rack are available for racks made from either woods or metal.

The enthusiastic home craftsman knows what he realistically can and cannot do, and overambitious projects can often end in tears! That’s why it’s important to select a design which matches your skill levels. Luckily the plans available to buy online and in stores are relatively simple and straightforward to follow.

Building a wine rack will involve a plan or design which can be custom or traditional, or even copied from another wine rack. Ensuring that you have the correct tools and equipment, and enough space to complete the job at hand, is also a good start.

There are two basic forms of wine rack that you can build: holding wine bottles horizontally and vertically. Horizontal wine racks are highly recommended as they provide the bottle’s cork with a constant coverage of liquid, preventing it drying out. Horizontal wine racks give you the benefit of being able to find and access your wine easily, and they are significantly easier to build than their vertical counterparts. Wine racks which store bottles held from the neck down also require a ‘lip’ for each bottle to hold it in place and keep it from falling out; a slightly more complicated endeavour.

Building your own wine racks allows for many custom or unusually designed types of wine racks. Some decorative wine racks would include book end wine racks, vintage style, or possibly antique replica wine racks that the designer has built.

It is helpful for decorating to choose a wood or metal that will match the other accessories and details in the room such as the cabinets, appliances, pots and pans, tables, and trims in the house or building.

Having some of the skills to know how to build a wine rack will help. If you have not worked with wood or woodworking equipment and tools, or have not worked with metals you may want to get help from a professional. It is important to have tight sturdy connections when putting the pieces together to ensure a stable, safe wine rack when completed. There may be classes at the local college or craft stores that will help. Building supply stores and home stores also have helpful personnel and workshops to help home DIY.

Finding a plan or design, and possibly a kit to build a wine rack or storage unit exactly to your own specifications may be difficult. It sometimes is helpful to get several ideas to construct your own custom design.



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