Classic Chrome Racks, Great for Wine Storage

A decorative option

Kitchen storage

Chrome wine storage racks can be very decorative additions to the home, kitchen, den, office or bar. Many appliances and accessories for kitchens now come in chrome, or have chrome accessories, making it a popular choice for a matching wine rack for storage and displays. Wine racks that are constructed from wood with chrome accents also available. Some of these models can be found in the wine rack and wine glass holder models also.

Chrome wine racks are made in many different models such as bakers racks, hanging, wall-mounted, modular, stackable, table or counter top, shelf, and inside and under cupboard wine racks. There are chrome wine rack models made for overhead access and display that are also a convenient way to store the wine bottles in an out of the way place while still being a very attractive addition to the décor.

The wine racks vary in the number of bottles they can accommodate depending on the design and size of the racks. Some are large enough for wine cellar storage and others may only be used to display and serve only one bottle at a time. Chrome wine racks are more popular in the smaller sizes such as table top and counter top models.

Building or making a custom chrome rack might be complicated due to the materials, but some custom artists that work with the chrome might offer unique wine racks. Check with chrome shops, local artists and crafters, or perhaps search online to find them.

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