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Wine racks are important for protecting bottles of wine, whether it’s a fine collector’s bottle or just a nice one to have with a meal. As winemaking technique has evolved and matured, wine rack manufacturing has also changed to provide the optimum storage for your collection.

If you’re cellaring bottles for long term storage or just for a while, your aims will still be similar. It’s important to store your wine somewhere that will avoid unnecessary movement, heat and temperature changes, as well as light and humidity. This is why it’s widely recommended that wine isn’t stored on top of your fridge, where heat and constant vibration can damage a nice bottle of wine.

The number of wine bottles that can be stored in different racks will depend on the size of the bottles and the configuration of the rack. It’s important to think about if the rack you’re purchasing can be expanded for a larger number of bottles in the future.

There are a number of factors you will need to think about when purchasing a wine rack. Firstly, is the material the rack is made from able to withstand the weight of the bottles that it will bear? A sturdy rack which will keep the sediment in bottles stable is also important. The rack’s aesthetics, the way it fits in with its surroundings, and its cost are also important considerations before purchase.

Some racks are designed to store bottles in an upright position, but the most common is the horizontal wine rack. Horizontal wine racks are preferred for the storage of wine bottles since these racks are usually more stable racks (depending on the width of the rack), and these wine racks also keep the cork moist which will ensure a good seal and keep air from entering the bottle.

The wine racks are constructed of materials varying from stainless steel, chrome, wrought iron to woods like pine and beech to cherry and maple. Find out more about different kinds of wine racks throughout the rest of the site.


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