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Traditional wood finishes to contemporary iron & glass

A sofa table is one accessory that is able to transform an attractive living room into a spectacular living room. When selecting a sofa table, the most important factor to bear in mind is whether or not the table compliments your sofa. Sleek metal and stone tables will bring the best out of contemporary sofa sets, while elegantly carved wooden tables are more suited to traditional and antique sofas. Reviewed below are just three sofa tables currently available on the market, with an option to suit every budget and taste.

The Budget Sofa Table: Satin Black Finish Sofa Table

This black sofa table is stylish and cost effective. The table features a fine, elongated frame that is both fluid and sturdy. Polished, long iron legs curve gently outwards and eventually culminate in sharp points at the base of the table. The frame and legs of the sofa table are finished in a satin black finish, while the glass top is constructed purely out of thick, clean cut glass. This elegant, rectangular sofa table is priced at between $ 100 and $200 and is available from most leading online furniture retailers.

The Contemporary Sofa Table: Noguchi Designer Table

This designer, contemporary table features an intricate wooden base and a thick, heart shaped glass surface. Designed by renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi , this unusual piece is the perfect addition to any modern home or professional reception area. Two interlocking pieces of wood form a tripod that supports the clean lines of transparent glass, creating a beautiful and effective table. The base of the table is available in a choice of walnut or cherry wood with a natural cherry finish, or solid dark wood with an ebony finish. This designer, glass sofa table retails for between $1100 and $1300 and is available from Design Within Reach.

Iron & Glass Top Sofa Table: Manatee and Malachit Table

De Sedo Iron and Glass Top Sofa Table
De Sedo Glass Top Sofa Table

This unique collection of tables is designed with the modern executive in mind. All tables in the range feature mounted glass tops supported by either a solid, black wood or nickel frame. The unusual design behind the tables permits glass tops to swivel in any direction for maximum convenience. Tops are available in a choice of clear or sandblasted glass. Table tops are supported by sharp, metallic legs that almost create the impression that the tables are not quite touching the ground. The Manatee and Malachit collection of modern sofa tables is obtainable exclusively from De Sede of Switzerland . Pricing is available upon request.


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