Sleeper Sofas - Perfect space saving alternative

What to consider when purchasing a sleeper sofa:

Sleeper sofas

Sleeper sofas are a convenient and stylish progression from ordinary sofas and loveseats.

If you often entertain guests, but have neither the space nor the budget to purchase an additional bed, a sofa bed can offer a wonderful alternative. Because of its dual purpose, the sleeper sofa is likely to be subjected to far more wear and tear than an ordinary sofa. It is therefore essential that the sleeper sofa you select is both durable and well sprung. Listed below are five important pointers to keep in mind when shopping for a sleeper sofa:

* Full size, Twin or Queen?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a sleeper couch is the size of the room it is going to be placed in and the purpose it is going to serve. If you are limited for space, it is advisable to stick to a single or double sized bed as anything larger will more than likely take over the whole room.

* Foam or Sprung Mattress?

If you are planning on using the couch as a bed regularly or for extended periods of time then you will need to invest in a sprung mattress sofa as opposed to a basic foam mattress sofa. Sprung sofa beds are slightly more expensive, but offer the benefit of increased comfort and stability.

* Frame:

Look for a sofa with a durable, wooden frame and a steel bed framework. Corners and joining points should be glued or bolted together as opposed to screwed, nailed or stapled together. Screws and nails will often be uncomfortable to lie on, while staples tend to bend and come loose easily under pressure.

* Assembly:

Check to see how easily the bed can be rolled or pulled out. The last thing you want is to have to spend hours pulling the couch apart and then putting it back together again. Ideally, look for a bed that can be made up with sheets before it is assembled which will save you needing to remake the bed every time it needs to be used.

* Storage and Versatility:

Sofas with bases that can be transformed into headboards are far more comfortable and versatile than those which only incorporate soft cushions. If at all possible, also look for a sofa with a table or base section that acts as a hidden storage compartment. This will give you somewhere to conveniently store any additional cushions bedding.

* Leather or Fabric?

Evaluate upholstery carefully. Leather and suede may be pleasing on the eye, but they are also exceptionally uncomfortable to sleep on as they do not breathe at all. Lie down on the couch yourself and check that it is not rough or scratchy. A sleeper couch will more than likely need to be cleaned more often than an ordinary couch, so look for covers that are durable and respond well to ordinary upholstery cleaners or soap and water. Slip-on covers are ideal for sleeper sofas, as they can be removed and machine washed as soon as they get even the slightest bit grubby.


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