Sofa Sets - Style Considerations

Getting the design aesthetic right first time

Sofa sets
Sofa sets come in a multiplicity of shapes, sizes and components. Deciding on the set that best satisfies your individual needs and preferences can be difficult to say the least. When it all gets too overwhelming, your best bet is simply to go back to basics and decide which style elements are most suited to your home. Factors to take into consideration include basic set designs, sofa back and cushion styles, bases, skirts and arm rest styles.

Traditional vs. contemporary sofa sets

Sofa sets can be divided into two basic categories; traditional and contemporary. Traditional sets typically feature clean lines and wooden or plinth bases, while contemporary designs tend to have softer, flowing edges and integrated or metallic bases. The design style that you select should be based on your aesthetic preferences as well as the overall style of your home. One thing that is essential however is to stick to a single design style. If you already have a traditional armchair in your room, then it is advisable to stick to a traditional sofa set rather than try to introduce a contemporary feel to the room which will more than likely make one of the items in the room appear out of place.

Back and cushion styles

Sofa backs can be divided into four categories: scattered pillow backs, separate pillow backs, joined pillow backs and tight backs. Scattered pillow back sofas are usually large and deep and incredibly soft. They feature more back pillows than they do seat pillows and pillows can be moved and scattered at will. Separate pillow back couches are extremely versatile, and as a result are commonly used in sofa seats. They feature removable pillows that can be turned around and unzipped for easy cleaning and reupholstering.

Joined pillow back couches incorporate separate cushions that are sewn to the back of the couch frame. The advantage to these couch style lies in the fact that although they are incredibly soft, they also remain neat and compact due to the fact that cushions cannot slide or shift. Finally, tight back couches have deep, sprung backs. Although sometimes not quite as comfortable as other styles, they offer the plus of always appearing neat and elegant. Due to their rigidity, tight back sofas seldom feature as part of sofa sets.

Bases, skirts and arm rest styles

If you are aiming for a modern and elegant feel, look for a set that incorporates upholstered feet and large, rounded roll top arms rather than plinth bases and more angular tuxedo arms. These styles can also easily be carried through on chairs and love seats. If you want your set to look more homely and traditional, look for couches and chairs that feature treated bases. Popular base styles include kickpleats, which feature a single base flap with corner splits only and boxpleats which are divided at regular, calculated intervals.


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