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De Sedo Reclining Chair
De Sedo Reclining Chair

Modern day reclining sofas truly are something to marvel at. Gone are the days when recliners were bulky, badly upholstered monstrosities whose only advantage was that they could tilt backwards and swivel on their own axis.

These days reclining sofas and sectional couches are not only eye catching, but also incorporate a wealth of exciting features designed to make home and office living as comfortable and convenient as possible.

With ergonomics becoming an important consideration in the work place, more and more executives are beginning to turn to reclining sofas and couches. Because reclining chairs can be adjusted to suit your individual height and weight, they reduce the amount of stress that is placed on the lower back. This can be especially beneficial to someone who sits at a desk for six to eight hours a day.

De Sedo Reclining Sofa
De Seco Reclining Sofa

In relation to home reclining sofas, furniture manufacturers are constantly competing to create the most interesting and high tech designs. Adjustable seat heating and automatic multi-speed massage systems are just some of the features commonly being integrated into today's reclining sofas. Certain TV room models even feature built in fridges, ensuring that drink and snack interruptions are officially a thing of the past.

The latest development in the world of reclining couches has seen sofas being transformed into complete home and office workstations. Reclining sofas such as the La Z Boy model featured below contain everything from video holders to fold out tables and portable keyboards. Executive models also incorporate portable telephones and data adaptors. Makes you wonder what could possibly be next - a couch with wheels and an engine? Watch this space..

Featured recliner: Lazy Boy Explorer e-cliner:

The ecliner is the epitome of new age office furniture. The luxurious, leather recliner features everything from a built in Sony wireless keyboard to a beverage holder. All the impressive gadgets featured in the recliner can be stored in the recliners armrests until they are needed. The keyboard is battery operated, and interacts with corresponding screens and receivers via an invisible infrared beam. Additional features of the one seater reclining couch include a built in data point, 120 volt power outlet and a telephone line. The Explorer e-cliner retails for between $900 and $1500 depending on specifications and upholstery. For more information about the e-cliner and other reclining sofas and chairs offered by La Z Boy, be sure to visit the official lazyboy website.



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