Sofa Covers - How flexible are they?

An introduction to; sofa covers, slips and loose throws

Sofa covers

Sofa covers are a wonderful means to protect upholstery and extend the life of your sofa. A brightly colored sofa cover may be just what is needed to breathe new life into a faded, old sofa. What's more, sofa covers can be purchased for a fraction of the amount that it costs to reupholster a chair or sofa, and in most cases the overall effect is just as good if not better.

Slip covers are undoubtedly the most widely used and popular of sofa dressing:

Slip covers are fabric covers that are cut specifically to fit the size and shape of a sofa. Covers fit snugly over sofas and attach with ties or tucking tools to prevent shifting and movement. Initially, slip covers were designed specifically for sectional sofas and arm chairs, but these days it is possible to get a sofa cover for almost any piece of furniture, from ottomans, to futons and dining room chairs.

Sofa covers are available in a variety of different fabrics, ranging from simple cottons and polyesters to rich velvets, expensive eastern silks and luxurious furs. Cotton mix sofa covers are the most functional and versatile, as they can simply be removed and placed in the washing machine the moment that they get dirty. In most cases, cotton and polyester slips will also be manufactured to be completely crease proof. Once washed, they need only be placed in a dryer for ten minutes before being pulled back over sofas. Wrinkles and creases will automatically fall out without the need for ironing or pressing.

If you are aiming for a slightly more relaxed face lift for your furniture, then you may want to consider a loose sofa cover or a sofa throw cover:

Loose covers that drape gently over furniture have a soft and cozy feel to them. Take your pick from an array of luxurious materials such as mohair, chenille, wool and fleece. Go for a basic, neutral throw, or alternatively experiment with bright and colorful patterned fabrics that bring a dull and dreary room to life. Aim to select a throw containing a number of different colors, as this is likely to be more versatile than a throw containing only one or two different shades. Alternatively, select a plain colored throw and combine it with a series of brightly patterned cushion covers that incorporate the base color.

If you are aiming to completely revamp the image of a lounge or living room, consider selecting a specific theme and decorate your furniture accordingly. An African theme can look particularly exotic, with animal prints being both energetic and visually stimulating. Moderation is always the key so as to avoid gaudiness and overkill. Leopard print patterns usually work best with neutrals, so consider for instance covering your sofa in plain white or beige throw and adding a couple of printed scatter cushions. Tiger skin throws look wonderful over black couches, while zebra skin patterns can be combined with anything from white to beige, to deep red, depending on how dramatic an effect you are aiming for. The best part about sofa covers and throws is that they give you the freedom to experiment, safe in the knowledge that any changes you make can quickly be reversed and corrected should they not work out as planned.



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