Couches - Contemporary couch positioning

Placement and Feng Shui

Contemporary couch positioning according to the principles of Feng Shui.

De Sedo Sofa
De Sedo Sofa

No matter what type of couch you have, whether it's an oriental futon or a retro artwork; you'll need to know how and where to place it in order to get the most out of your living room. According to modern feng shui principles, a couch should always be the focal point of a living room or lounge.

These days, more and more people are turning to the ancient Chinese principle of feng shui to restore balance to their homes. Chinese feng shui principles advocate that by placing furniture in a certain position, it is possible to improve energy flow in a household and create a more positive atmosphere.

Listed below are the essential modern feng shui pointers to follow when arranging living room chairs and couches:

• First and foremost, a couch should never be placed directly in front of a door or window, as these are the centers where energy leaves a room. If at all possible, the largest couch in a set should be placed in the corner that is furthest away from the main door of a room.

• If at all possible, place your couch directly against a wall or as close to a wall as is possible. This will ensure that the couch will always be sheltered and people seated in it will always feel warm and comfortable.

• If there is limited space available in the room in question, make sure that the furniture that you select is not too big or bulky (futons score highly here). Positive energy requires space to flow efficiently and large items of furniture will often clutter up a room and make it appear smaller than it actually is. Instead of purchasing a sofa set as a complete unit, consider rather buying separate parts that can be joined together or placed on their own. Two single seater couches and a sofa loveseat will be far more space efficient than a single three seater couch.

• The main couch should always face the main entrance to a room. If you are standing outside of a room looking in, the couch should be one of the first things that you see. Similarly, no matter where you are positioned on the couch, you should easily be able to see the entrance to the room without shifting or standing up.

• Arrange contemporary furniture in an equiangular or circular formation and avoid placing any single item of furniture far in front or far behind other pieces.

• While there should always be a lamp or light bulb in the vicinity of the main couch, if at all possible refrain from placing a couch directly beneath a light bulb or ceiling fan, as this will result in energy being drained from whoever is seated on the couch.

• Stick to couches covered in light, plain colored fabrics. Dark fabrics and fabrics with busy patterns tend to evoke a nervous energy in the room, while red fabrics will make a room seem closed in and uncomfortable. Similarly, lightly colored wood and stone is preferable over darker varieties.

• Finally, opt for modern sofas with soft, curved armrests and sofa tables with rounded edges (retro rather than modern). These create a relaxed, supportive and open living room atmosphere.


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