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Important options to consider

Sofa couch
The selection of sofa couches furniture styles currently available on the market is nothing short of astounding. In order to avoid getting completely overwhelmed when choosing your couch, it is advisable to compile a list of essentials and preferences before you even enter a home furnishing store or log onto an online furniture site. Some of the most essential points to include on your list include the following:

Comfort vs. Aesthetics

Most sofas these days are designed to be as attractive as they are comfortable. However, if you have your heart set on a specific model or design then you may need to accept the fact that certain functional characteristics of your couch may not be ideal. Decide from the outset whether your priority is unparalleled design or maximum comfort and keep your ultimate goal in mind throughout the sofa couch selection process.

Standard vs. Sectional sofas

Measure the dimensions of your living room or lounge before you purchase a couch and be realistic about sizing and style possibilities. Single and double seater couches and loveseats are perfect for smaller rooms, while five seater recliner couches are more suitable when there is a significant amount of space to be filled. If you are pressed for space, consider a corner sofa or a sectional sofa which will enable you to make the most of otherwise inaccessible space.

Leather vs. fabric couches

If you know that your sofa couch is going to be subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear, then choose a couch that is covered in a durable fiber such as a polyester mix or treated leather. That beige suede sofa may look beautiful in the catalogue, but your opinion may be very different when it is covered in mud and dog hair. As a general rule, natural leathers and cottons are the most difficult to clean, so steer well clear of them if you have a house full of pets or children. Opt instead for a micro fiber couch which, in addition to being attractive, is also easy to clean and dries in a few minutes.


Decide on an approximate budget and stick to it. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a cheap sofa, but then you must expect that after four or five years it will more than likely need replacing. It is sometimes more worthwhile to spend a little bit extra and know that the purchase you are making is of a high quality and will endure the test of time. Be sure to check online furniture catalogues for discounts at the end of each season. Often, quality merchandise is reduced by up to 50% and couches that would normally break your budget suddenly become affordable overnight.

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