Corner Sofas - What's Available?

Design and Material Choices

De Sedo Corner Sofa
De Sedo Corner Sofa

Corner sofas offer a wonderful alternative in situations where you need additional seating room but are seriously pressed for space. Most corner sofas can be manipulated to fit snugly into even the smallest of rooms and can be maneuvered to face virtually any direction at any time (many also double as sofa beds).

Sectional corner sofas

Although fused corner units are available, it is advisable to purchase a corner couch that can be separated into sections. This will give you more flexibility, not to mention make the process of getting the couch through the front door far less traumatic.

Decide on how many people you would like your couch to seat and then purchase sofa components accordingly. It is advisable to consider buying one single seater and one double seater unit to accompany your corner sofa. That way, if you ever want to separate the sofa into its individual components you'll at least have one complete set of furniture.

When you're choosing your sofa, make sure that you always keep in mind the dimensions of the corner that the unit needs to fit into. The last thing that you want to do is make what you think is the ultimate purchase, only to discover that the spectacular couch you've bought is three times too big for the corner its supposed to fill.

The best way to approach buying a corner unit is to measure the dimensions of the largest piece in a set and then go home and measure the dimensions of the corner the couch is too be placed in. Because of their compact, modular design, corner couches often appear far smaller than they really are. Don't be deceived into thinking that just because it appears compact, it will definitely fit into the space you have set aside for it.

Leather or fabric

As with any type of couch; the great 'leather vs. fabric' debate continues to rage. For many people the decision is purely economic (a quality leather corner sofa being prohibitively expensive), but even the well heeled shopper must still address some issues: including leather care, ethical concerns. and constantly sliding off onto the floor!

Featured corner sofa: Libre Corner Sofa Component

Manufactured by Design Within Reach, this modular corner sofa is both sleek and modern, featuring a lightweight, hardwood frame and twisted polyester upholstery. Designed by West coast furniture designer, David Mocarski , the compact corner component measures approximately 33 inches all round. Plush polyurethane cushions and a supple backrest are supported by sturdy aluminum legs which add even more of a contemporary feel to the design. The couch is available in a variety of colors including scarlet, celadon and pecan and costs approximately $1200.

The corner component of the couch can be used alone as a single couch, or be combined with any number of additional components to create a complete corner couch unit. Choose from a one seater component, a two seater component and an Ottoman component which can be used as a table, a bench or be added on to the two seater couch to create a chaisse. Using the corner sofa component as the focal point, the couch can be configured in a number of different ways to fit any space and face any direction. Like the corner component, all additional pieces in the set are designed to be comfortable, elegant and versatile. Use the components together to create a large, corner couch or split them up for a complete set of individual pieces. Additional components range in price from around $700 for the Ottoman to approximately $1100 for the two seater couch. All components in the set are available exclusively from Design Within Reach.



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